FIFA 2004 PC Game Full Version Download.EA's FIFA Soccer 2004, the game has seen over the years is the most important changes. The main gameplay soccer for more detailed, more realistic style arcade game from the Super ever changing slowly, and is better for the series. But it still does not have a lot of. Others, not so good for the game of football, killer ways is a good career mode, and other EA properties - My FIFA Online unbelievable soundtrack from the PC to play this game with such depth, it's just a total package that is just wonderful. If you love to play online, then you have got to get this game for the PC or PS2. Still a good buy for the systems, but they say the new drug clinics, online play, which is very addictive.

<<Minimum PC requirements>>
<<Windows XP/ME/2000/98>>
<<Pentium III>>
<<<<64MB RAM>>
<<8X CD-ROM Drive>>
<<800MB Hard Disk Space>>
<<DirectX 8.1>>
<<DirectX Compatible Sound Card>>