Scarface - The World is Yours Once you get over the whole rewriting-the-end-of-the-movie thing, Scarface: The World Is Yours is a competent but usually uninteresting action game.
Hey, remember the movie Scarface? How about that ending, with Tony Montana taking on an army of thugs with his "little friend" and managing to kill most of them...except for the guy creeping up from behind with a double-barreled shotgun? Guess he didn't see that coming. Too bad they didn't leave it open for a sequel, because the continuing adventures of Tony Montana probably would have been pretty cool.
Coke deals and other character interactions are often governed by a golflike meter.
Slight variations on that conversation have probably happened thousands of times since the 1983 release of Scarface, which featured Al Pacino as a tough-talking up-and-coming crime lord who makes a fortune dealing cocaine in Miami, only to lose it all by taking his eye off the ball and becoming way too focused on getting high on his own supply. Through the power of video game magic, Sierra and Radical Entertainment have teamed up to answer the question: What would have happened to Tony Montana if he had escaped from the mansion? What about his empire? And the video game answer to that question is that he'd lose it all and have to perform a number of Grand Theft Auto-like tasks to get it back.
Using a large number of weapons from which to choose and unlock, the combat can change according to your environment. Gunfire is commonplace, but there is plenty of chance to get up to someone's face and beat them into submission, which regularly ends and among the participants inside a puddle that belongs to them blood.
System Requirements!
Video Card: ATi 9600,128 Mb
Hard: 2.9 Gb
Ram: 256 Mb
File Size : 571.5 MB