World best Oxford English-Urdu, English-Urdu Dictionary Full Version 2013. Now you can Free Download Urdu English Dictionary Full Version 2013. The Oxford English to Urdu and Urdu to English Dictionary is the bilingual version of the summarizing Oxford Dictionary, which is the world's most trustworthy dictionary. It offers Urdu equivalents of almost 130,000 English words and expressions as well as illustrative sentences (with their Urdu translations) to convey the exact meaning of the word or idiom. The dictionary also includes a guide for pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Cleantouch English-Urdu-English Dictionary. Free Download Urdu English Dictionary Full Version 2013.

It contains more than 40, 000 entries and about 50, 000 definitions. This dictionary includes features such as tips on good grammar as well as punctuation. Urdu is a national language of Pakistan and most of the communication is carried out through Urdu but English is a 2nd communicating language in the Pakistan. Urdu English dictionary that are available at so many book shops at various places, are very helpful for the students. Not only for students but also for lots of other people who are learning and working with English language.

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The New Oxford American Dictionary
almost 130,000 English words
Collins British English Dictionary
Urdu-English & English-Urdu Dictionary
Revolutionary sentence translator provides text translation in 12 languages with over 60% accuracy
Collins Phrase book contains thousands of phrases for different occasions- travel, business etc.
Speaks English and Urdu by human voice
Urdu display with both real characters plus English Roman Phonetic, enabling a guide of pronunciation
User’s memory to paste your favorite content