Cricket Revolution Game Download
Cricket Design Globe Cup 2011 is an independently developed title working on high enjoyment multi-player game play based around the encounter of cricket. Cricket Design Globe Cup 2011 Functions Exclusive game play with awesome online PvP action, In action team web extensive variety web extensive variety web host hosting hosting server with forums, friends and online, Absolutely action taken activities, day night lighting style style style style, idea and soccer variations, Exclusive aspects, unlockable provide, and batsman impact out accidents, On the worldwide web multi-player execute, projects, ratings, and leaderboards, LAN based multi-player system execute, Off-line categories, impact out and show matches vs computer categories, Finish team and gamer customization for perfect game play, True place captaincy with the capability to place fielders anywhere on the place, Getting and go-karting net exercise ways and more!
Compete For Wonder On The Design Servers.Sports Game for Kids Free Download.
System Requirements!
Cpu: Pentium 4,1.7 Ghz
Ram:512 Mb
Video Memory:64 Mb
Hard Space:636 Mb
Windows 8,Xp,Vista,Windows 7