Introduction Road Rash 2002 Game
Road Rash had a lot of suites in a short time, being the last title on the Play station. However, with today’s consoles and high-end connectivity, Road Rash just lends itself to great online game. We are talking about, so the bikes have no less than eight opponents at once should not be a problem. But one thing a remake of Road Rash does not need to be is open world. We already have Burnout for that, so please respect the roots Road Rash – roads and linear lot of weapons. Just think of Mortal Kombat on motorcycles.
Road Rash is the name of a motorcycle-racing video game series by Electronic Arts, in which the player participates in violent illegal street races. The game was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, but was ported to several other systems. Six different games were released from 1991 to 1999, and a 2003 licensed port for the Game Boy Advance was released. Road Rash and two of its sequels later appeared on the EA Replay collection for the PSP.
The game's title is based on the slang term for the severe friction burns that can occur in a motorcycling fall where skin comes into contact with the ground at high speed.Presented in a third-person view similar to Hang-On, the player competes in illegal road races and must finish in the three or four places (depending on the specific game) in every race in order to proceed to the next level. As levels progress, the opponents ride faster, fight harder and the tracks are longer and more dangerous. Placing in each race gives a certain amount of money which increases considerably as levels progress. This money allows the player to buy faster bikes which are needed to stay competitive. The game is over if the player can't pay for the repairs when their motorcycle is wrecked, or can't pay the fine for being arrested.
Road Rash has a smoothly rendered vertical element. In most traditional older racing games, the player's vehicle remained on the same horizontal plane, negotiating turns essentially by going right or left (see Pole Position (video game)). In Road Rash, players had to contend with grade changes, and the physics—though rudimentary compared to today's games—reflected the act of going up or down a hill, as well as turning while climbing, etc. This resulted in the ability to launch one's motorcycle great distances, resulting in crash animations. Road Rash also introduced an interactive race environment, with street signs, trees, poles, and livestock, which could interact with the player's vehicle. This was also one of the earlier games to feature active traffic, such as slow moving station wagons and the like while racing against other bikers.
Road Rash 2002 Cheats codes:
When you are playing  game, enter codes.

XYZZY                      Enable the other cheat codes
YES,OCCIFER          Kill the cop
DRIBE                        Kill the cop
SPOON                      Turbo
THWACK                  You get a chain
K’THUNK                 You get a club

Road Rash 2002  system requirements:

350MHz processor
50MB hard drive free space
4MB graphic card
Sound card, keyboard, mouse etc.