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Grand Theft Auto V For PlayStation 3 evolves nearly every mechanic found in previous games in the series. Trouble taps on your window again with this next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe set in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills countryside and beaches. Areas in the game world include beach fronts mountains the wilderness a Salton Sea region a military base and the suburbs. A bold new direction in open world freedom storytelling mission based gameplay and online multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re imagined present day Southern California. The ocean floor is fully detailed and can be explored. One of the things I have always dug about the Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 3 series is it is depictions of al aspects of city life from soaked in money high roller hotels to the graffiti wraped grit of the town’s outskirts.
Grand Theft Auto V’s single player story is told through three player controlled protagonists. And with this handful of new screenies it sure does not look like Grand theft Auto V will disapoint on that front. They are Michael Trevor and Franklin criminals whose stories interconnect as they complete missions together. Oh Grand Theft Auto characters. Amidst story missions the player can swithch between the protagonists as they work together to accomplish an objective in one such mission Michael rappels doen the side of a building Franklin provides covering fire with a sniper rifle and Trevor controls the getaway helicopter.
You guys always get into the most absured of situations. Outside of missions the player is free to swap between the protagonists and explore the game’s open world which includes a fully fledged ecosystem. You start off as typical thieves and crooks rolling around in the streets of San Andreas or Liberty city or wherever and then you end up flying fighter jets swimming with sharks and tooling around in a submarine. The camera zooms out to a Google Earth style perspective when switching characters and then drops into wherever the chosen character is. Now Rockstar has not said anything definitive about a PlayStation 3 version of Grand theft Auto V however some folks on the internet wanted to make sure they were thinking very seriously about it. Even when the player is not controlling them each character will still go about their own business across Los Santos. Canadian Pc enthusiast Mike Julliard has decided to take it into his own hands creating a petition on that implores the developer to do right and thus far more than 40,000 signatures have been added to the cause.Grand Theft Auto V (5) Free Download Full Version Game.Latest GTA Games Free Download For All GTA Games Free Download Here.
We PlayStation 3 gamers have grown accustomed to getting games later than our console brethren and sometimes infuriatingly not at all. As any of the protagonis the player can engage in activities such as yoga triathlons Jet Skiing base jumping tennis golf scuba diving or go to the gym. However when we are talking abou t a game series as iconic as Grand Theft Auto we do not tolerate a great deal of standoffishness. Each character will have unique hobbies which can be completed with the protagonists friends however the dating system from Grand Theft Auto IV does not return. That did not stop rockstar developer Dan Houser from throwing a heap of doubt on the possibility for a PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto V.