"With 2002's WWE Raw PC being the only practical Struggling PC activity around, the experience loaded a gap for many gamers who could now have a real play fighting PC activity. but that gap survived for [i]six years[/i], although there was many mods coming out,there was not yet a FULL transformation of the whole activity, (WWE Raw: Greatest Version was seeking for this but was never released).

But lastly, it's here; WWE RAW: Complete Version, the first full transformation of WWE RAW for PC, associates have proved helpful everything to completely turn the whole activity with only their RAW modding information, with the spot modifying everything from everthing like list and field to everything else like T-shirts in CAW method. In switching a activity title with an obsolete list and incredibly unplayable program into a activity title that is actually usable, Complete Version dosen't fall short to provide.

* Salary war with the top WWE Celebrities patterned in awesome detail
* For the first time ever, attack competitors on their way to the ring
* Observe the viewers spread as the activity leaks into the crowd
* Fight in more than 10 behind the curtain areas
* Make the final WWE Superstar
* WWE design demonstration with in-game cut scenarios and ?Double Feature? replay
* Exclusive and ideal battling system
* Innovative battling motor from the designers of Greatest Fighting Tournament (Anchor).
* Wide range of go with kinds such as Elegant Rumble and KING of the RING.
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