Jump in the cockpits of the best Navy planes with Top Gun: Combat Zones. With the F-14, F-18 and F-22 under your control, you must embark on dangerous missions under wide dangerous cliffs and through large urban landscapes. From soil or air targets in Southeast Asia, the Gulf States, Arctic Circle, and Miramar Base. The game has 36 intense missions and a playback mode that lets you review each of them through different camera angles.
This is your chance to become a top notch plot.
Play through some of the arcade-like flight combat simulation in four locations spanning the globe. Cut out the love scenes, the boring dialogue, and that awkward karaoke scene, and you've got the material for one of the most nerve-racking fighter plane games ever.
If the game seems late in coming, you'll throw such judgments aside as soon as you sink your teeth into the intense dogfights and international battle scenarios. Fly your own fighter and take out the enemy forces swiftly. You'll journey to battlefields in Southeast Asia, the Gulf, Northern Russia, and more. Whether you're a big fan of the movie or you couldn't care less whether or not Val Kilmer's foolish pride gets him killed, you'll be positively floored by the amazing graphics, intuitive controls, and massive missions the game packs in. The computer AI is deadly, and the soundtrack will take your breath away.

With more than 36 missions, including academy tutorial, Top Gun lets you experience every single situation a jet fighter pilot can have. High-altitude dogfights, low-flying blitz attacks, military and civil rescues, City/Arctic/Night/Day missions...you’ll have to fight against dozens of different airborne and ground-based enemies to prove worthy of the Top Gun Pilot rank!

License: Demo
Language: English
OS: Win95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, NT, XP
Game Size:  339.2 MB