Chrome Theme Creator: Theme Creator is a Chrome browser app that allows you to create your own customized chrome themes online and apply it to your Google Chrome browser. Chrome Theme Creator has a quick and fast ‘Basic’ theme creating method where you can give a name of your new Chrome theme, upload a background image of your theme, choose the base color of Chrome frame and tabs and finally install it to your Chrome browser with a click.

If you want to create your theme with more details you can specify the Chrome NTP Background, Frame, Toolbar, Tab Background, Frame Overlay, NTP Attribution, by  images and colors. All the colors of Chrome Buttons, Control Buttons, Status Bar, Tab Text, Bookmark Text also can be easily customized with a color picker as your choice. When you have done creating your Chrome theme, click the ‘Pack and Install’ button and Chrome Theme Creator will built a theme pack of your newly created Chrome theme and will ask you to install it to your Google Chrome browser.
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