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Between violence and corruption in World War II Los Angeles, LA NoireSet, LA Noire is a crime thriller that blends smoothly crime -solving , clue finding , car chases and shoot out the truth is a revolutionary new interrogation -based gameplay that will allow players to reveal the characters ' emotions to read . Hollywood players in the dark heart of Los Angeles to bring him face -to- face with the LAPD by solving a series of gruesome murders and other crimes who rises to the level of Cole Phelps , a decorated war veteran takes on the role of the Golden Age .L.A Noire Latest Adventure PC Game Free Download.

L.A Noire

LA Noire: The Complete Edition Nicholson electricity in the case of arson , reefer Madness Vice case, the ambassador car traffic case, the Naked City Vice case and A Slip ofthe Tounge Traffic case are allowing access to multiple access code.PC Version of LA Noire to the keyboard remapping and gamepad functionality and performance, and user experience, including customizing the PC, and a wide range of customization features, will be implemented.

Developer: Rockstar Leeds
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Style: Adventure

L.A Noire PC Requirements

OS : Windows Xp,Vista, 7
Intel 2.4 GHz Processor
Ram : 2 GB
Hard Disk : 16 GB
Keyboard and Mouse